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The Digital Age of Construction

The construction industry is changing all the time. From code compliance to technological advancements. Keeping up with these trends is a job in itself, let alone completing projects on time. In an effort to stay up to date we search new advancements on new advancements, in a never ending cycle. I will start with technology and move from there.

3d imaging is widely available, not just cut and paste programs, with pre-made components you paste into a disorienting work space. Real 3d environments that allow you to add texture, adjust light, define real dimensions and customize any drawing just how you want. Giving you the ability to communicate ideas with customers like never before.

Combining this advancement with state of the art estimating software can save businesses hours of administration costs. Reducing overhead cost per project which leads to better profit margins. Isn't that the goal? Reduce time consumed by paperwork so your business can dedicate its time to providing a better product to each customer.

In an effort to conserve time and reach deadlines I will go into operating in a digital enviroment on-site and in the office in another article...till next time..

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