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Cody Reid Reids Renovations

In other articles I've talked to you about office technology, or communication technology...this one gets gritty.

I've spoken about improving accuracy in estimating, now comes the challenge of completing the task you've set upon yourself, "money where your mouth is" so to speak.

Some parts of construction are simple; attach this piece to that piece, take this off and put a new one on.

Reids Renovations

That's not what I do.

I remember a time when that was what I got to do on a daily basis. Then I became skilled. Now I do all the "hard stuff". It has me solving problems like "they don't even make this part",or "Hey Cody is this even possible?"

As a one man contractor I have been up against obstacles that are usually handled by teams of employees. In an effort to overcome this deficit I had to get really good at figuring out better methods. You've heard the phrase "smarter not harder."

Fortunately for me, when I'm in a room full of "good" carpenters, I'm a great one.

Most leveling operations require two hands just to work the level itself. That being said, how will one hold any other item being installed. Well unless you have four arms you're gonna have to figure something out. So I set about finding new technology to overcome this hurdle.

Reids Renovations using lasers on tile

Everything has lasers now. I've even seen jack stands with lasers. I'm not quite sure how you miss with jack stands, but I"m sure someone out there has figured it out. Jigsaws have lasers...jigsaws cut curves...lasers go straight...don't get me started.

Even sharks have frickin lasers on their heads...Well that's a different story...

Anyway Laser levels give you freedom to move about the room, sight in levels from a distance and solve problems before they become problems. Knowing how to use lasers well on the job site, makes you a veritable "Jedi master."

Reids Renovations laser across cabinets

Lines, dots, and crosses provide their own insight into the structure around you.

Learning to understand the reflected output from these shapes applied in your environment, will provide an increase in accuracy, while also saving time in abundance. Even the cheapest laser is worth it's weight in gold.

Although old beam levels are bulky they still have their place...on the truck. Grab a laser and see what it can do.

Till next time...

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