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The Digital Age of Construction II

It's easy to get caught up in technology that one can hold in their hand. But what about the things that are outside of ones grasp?

Clouds through trusses

Cloud technology falls in this category quite easily. Cloud storage isn't new, but its ability to make data available at different locations, to different crew members, or customers, has yet to be used frequently in construction. Loading information into cloud storage is comparable to having a singular database that anyone can access with your permission. Having a database this universal used to require, hiring an outside company to build and maintain, with an extensive laborious process to change anything...especially remotely. Cloud technology is an impressive tool waiting to be used every day. Quotes, diagrams, invoices, time sheets, pictures and more can all be accessed instantly when you give the word. Although "cloud" can be a bit scary for my "clipboard conquistadors" It's quite effective when used correctly.

Till next time...

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