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Tactical vs Strategic...Changing sales techniques.

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Let's review the two first. Tactical is the movement used to acquire an objective. Strategy is the planning and decision making done before hand.

In sales, various "tactics" are employed by different types of "salespeople". The tactics one uses to sell low cost items will vary greatly from those used to sell high end amenities. One selling popcorn may simply yell out popcorn in their best announcer voice. Should you try that tactic with vehicles or're probably not going to get very far. Imagine someone standing around yelling "HOUSE!" or "CADILLAC!". Most likely not going to sell much...

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High pressure vs. Informative.

High pressure sales tactics include, aggressive gestures, implied savings, urgent requirements. These methods were usually employed by fly-by-night companies, door-to-door salespeople, and the infamous used car guys. I have approached many customers after these guys have moved on and seen the shadow they have left on the customer. Some will scrap the entire notion of making a purchase while others are very sure what they DON'T want.

Informative Tactics use strategy to provide the customer with the most information possible in the least amount of time. These tactics include well organized presentation, samples of products, and testimony from real people. Focusing on quality and loyalty. If you inform your customer, not only will they be a better customer but they will be a customer for life. In contrast to the result of so many failed hard sells, these customers become an instant close. having been pushed to the limits of their patience by hard-sellers trying to make a deal.

Use whatever tactics you'd like however in the end the strategy is to have satisfied customers, that tell other people about your business...what do you want them to hear?

Till next time...

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