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Free Floating (B.Y.O.B.)

Everyone knows Missouri is a great place to take a float trip.

Cody Reid Kayaking Meramec river

But, did you know that not too far from St. Louis, not only you can float for free, you can ride your bike between the drop off and pick up points.

We've all been on costly "rental" floats. But if you can get your hands on a "yak" or canoe of your own. Nothing beats a good day on the river.

Underwater Meramec river.

I have been Canoeing/floating/kayaking for almost thirty years. I've got the t-shirts to prove it. In that time I have been a kid, taught kids, taught parents, and anyone else, all I have to offer about Missouri streams.

This resource is a bountiful escape from city and country life, as you meander off into the deep cliffs lining some of the best water around.

Cave on Meramec river

If you land in the right spot some of these cliffs are the tallest around, holding caves crevices, and various rock formations not found any where else.

Here you'll experience a vast amount of Missouri wildlife including several waterfowl, river otters, and various reptiles.

Group lunch sandbar

If those don't interest you there will be plenty of time to take a swim, layout on a sandbar or just bake in the sun till you become as pink as a flamingo. Unless your adventure finds you in the off season, then you may be over-dressed. Either way Lunch is served on a creek bank and you can make it as gourmet or as simple as you'd like.


Back to the specifics of this particular trip. Just west of St. Louis you'll find signs that lead to Onondaga cave. It's not only a campground but also has a very fun cave tour available to the public. The details are on their website at the link provided. Just click on the name. There's a canoe access just before the park entrance. You can find a map here.


One drawback is that you will most likely find yourself driving several vehicles to your destination, parking one upstream and one downstream in your own convoy of circumstance. This leads to an unnecessary amount of logistics, when the goal is to have a relaxing day. You're in luck! Just down the road is an excellent spot to park your pick-up vehicles OR you can ride a bike between the two spots.

Yep that's right two sports for the price of none. Pretty good deal if I do say so myself...Just a short trip down possum hollow rd. will take you to Hwy N where you'll end up right at Blue Springs Ranch. Where you can head to lodging or meet up with your group and head home.

Till next time...

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