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Two In The Bush.

As we get to the task at hand we find ourselves with another array of choices. Some technical others ethical.

Cody Reid Skydiving

Cell phone use is at an all time high. We have incorporated them into almost every facet of our lives. From shopping to scheduling. To connect to social media and check our investments. Cell phones are making it possible to complete a large variety of tasks at once. New apps are being created all the time. Cell phones can let you get more work accomplished than ever before. They surely qualify as a tool at this point.

Cell phone

Of course tool manufacturers have heeded the call to profits by releasing their own versions of these handy little tools. As if the debate of "Android vs iPhone®" wasn't enough. There are however other benefits to these manufacturers stepping to the plate and creating construction specific phones. These things are tough. I have seen my share of job sites flat destroy phones within one day of arrival. Not because they were dropped or soaked, just being used during certain phases of construction will wipe out one of those regular phones in minutes. No bag of rice is gonna bring those puppies back. Construction phones are also filled with task specific options which is very convenient and effective. With a new design every week coupled with new apps every day.